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Perfect Series #3 Perfect Redemption  by Claudia Tan .PDF
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Perfect Series #3 Perfect Redemption by Claudia Tan .PDF

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Read online free english romantics books Perfect Series #3 Perfect Redemption  by Claudia Tan .PDF

Claudia Tan- read books online free .PDF

In the midst of darkness and chaos, a formidable figure emerges: Jax Deneris, the epitome of wickedness and manipulation. With his silver tongue and cunning ways, he possesses a talent for twisting words to achieve his desires. He is a monster who betrayed his girlfriend of three years by engaging in an affair with her very own sister. Furthermore, Jax is a participant in underground tournaments, where he fights ruthlessly and without mercy, willing to go as far as taking lives to secure his victory.

Despite his despicable actions, Jax exudes an undeniable allure, standing at an imposing 200 pounds of hotness. Every girl who has been entangled with him, whether played with or used, is aware of his magnetism. However, he is not deserving of redemption. Jax is wicked, malicious, and the embodiment of pure evil. He leaves destruction in his wake, as everything he touches inevitably burns. Yet, this does not deter him from pursuing his desires, even if it means setting his sights on me.

I bear the mark of Jax Deneris, a permanent stain on my life. I can see it in his eyes—the determination to possess whatever he desires. When Jax sets his sights on something, he will stop at nothing to obtain it. He is accustomed to getting his way, no matter the cost.

But I refuse to succumb to his manipulations. I will not be swayed by his deceitful charm. I am determined to protect myself and fortify my defenses against him. If the devil himself desires me, then I will wield his own weapon against him.

It is time to fight fire with fire. I will use his cunning, his manipulations, and his darkness against him. I will not allow myself to become another casualty in his destructive path. I will stand firm, unyielding in the face of his advances.

In this battle between good and evil, I am resolved to emerge victorious. I will not be consumed by the darkness that surrounds Jax Deneris. Instead, I will rise above it, harnessing his own arsenal to protect myself from his clutches.

The stakes are high, and the battle will be fierce, but I am prepared to face the devil himself. I will not fall prey to his wickedness. It is time to unleash my own inner strength and resilience and confront Jax Deneris on his own treacherous turf.

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